Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service allows employees to access pay stubs and W-2s directly so that they do not have to rely on you for that information. With 24x7 access from any computer, employees can obtain current or historical data. They can also see and edit their own demographic data.

With so many financial institutions requesting these important documents, it is essential that your employees be able to conveniently access them. If someone has lost their W-2, a copy is just a click away.

Paperless Payroll

If your employees use direct deposit as their pay method, you can make payroll paperless through Employee Self Service and our online system. Good for the environment and good for your business since it makes payday that much easier. No need to distribute stubs, everything is available to your employees online.

Employee Updates

Employees can update their own demographics and benefits. It allows employees to enroll in benefits, make updates to demographic information and benefit changes.


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